What is ServeU? 

The mission field isn’t just out there; it begins right HERE at Willowbrook. ServeU volunteers seek to make both first-time guests and long-time members feel welcome at Willowbrook. The name ServeU captures the job description for our volunteers: to be on the front lines of service and share the love of Christ with everyone who steps on to our mission field each Sunday.

Look for someone in a black ServeU vest in Huntsville, or the Willowbrook baseball jerseys in Madison, if  you have a question or need information about a ministry.  If they can’t answer or help, they will find someone who can!

ServeU is a great place to volunteer. It’s a good way for new members to connect to others, learn more about the church, and feel plugged in. Opportunities include everything from parking lot attendants, greeters, ushers, and hospitality. ServeU is a great way for families to serve together.

ServeU is not only a ministry but a movement that may ultimately have a life changing impact on those who walk through the doors of Willowbrook
every Sunday.

Join the movement! Contact a coordinator to join our team.
ServeU Huntsville: Shawn Olinger at shawno@willobrook.org
ServeU Javabrook: Lisa Hulman at lisa@willowbrook.org
ServeU Madison: Amanda Wasenius at amanda@willowbrook.org