Willowbrook is partnering with Footprints Abroad Ministries to assist in the church plant in the city of Candido Mota. The teams will be working with Pastor Rodney and his wife Ineide in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, encouragement to new believers, and special outreach events, according to the needs of the area.
THE PLACE:  Candido Mota is located in the state of Sao Paula. It has 31,000 people and currently does not have a Baptist church and is predominantly Catholic.
THE WORK:  Scheduled evangelism visits using “Steps to Peace with God” tract by Billy Graham. It is a four-step presentation that presents the Gospel in a logical and interactive way with several illustrations to help the people to understand God’s plan for their lives. There will be opportunities to share your testimony or preach in different services during the week in Brazil.
DATES: Late Spring / Early Fall 2017

Central Asia

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! We are beginning our 11th year of partnering with Central Asia and the Lord has blessed us by allowing us to be a part of His ministry in the darkest region of the world. He has also shown us His mighty work and the results of the seeds that we, through His goodness, have sown.

Continuing with this partnership, we will fellowship with our IMB workers and local nationals who are believers, and cover new, strategic areas in prayer. We also spend time with local nationals whom the Lord has led us to, and wait for opportunities for spiritual conversations.

Pray for the people of Central Asia; for more visions and dreams, that the Lord will exalt His church, and His name will be proclaimed, and for the people of this amazing area of the world to be added to His Kingdom.

DATES: July 2017

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for its beautiful landscape and gracious people, beckons at least one visit, though once you’ve been you’ll want to go again! Sitting in the mountains of Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica you’ll find Templo Bautista de Atenas, a small church with a big heart and deep spirit. Visiting and serving with these sweet people brings so much joy, and can challenge anyone to a more authentic faith. As they reach out to the community around them, the believers there show Christ’s love in very real and practical ways as they point people to Jesus. Partnering with this sweet congregation enriches the lives of those of us who travel there. Whether it’s a women’s conference, a youth trip, discipleship, encouraging ministry staff, or leadership training, opportunities to find your place and a deep connection to our family in Christ are waiting for you! As a side note, the food is good and the coffee is amazing!

Women’s Conference:  Teach Jesus to unchurched women; connect with, encourage, and be encouraged by the ladies in the church; love on some sweet babies; help with providing clothes through the misiotienda (Christ’s closet); enjoy fellowship; encourage the pastor’s wife and missionary as they develop the women’s ministry leadership team.
Youth Trip:  Evangelism, sports and kids camps, work in schools
Family Trip:  TBD

Spring Break - Youth
Fall Break - Women’s Conference
Dates TBD - Family Trip


In Haiti, nearly all families survive on approximately $2.00 per day. As much as individuals wish to provide the basic necessities for their family, the economy puts up almost unsurmountable barriers and has resources to support only a fraction of its population. This leaves families to go without and fight daily to merely survive. There are over 500,000 orphans in Haiti, some of which are true orphans, who have lost both of their parents due to number of contributing factors. They may be sold as restaveks (child slaves), others released into a world of prostitution, or left to fight the daily struggles on their own. Some, however, are blessed to be rescued from the unthinkable and put in the care of loving orphanages or reunited with family after a rebuilding process. It is this that we pray for and support through mission work here and in Haiti through our partnership with Future Generation International Missions, Inc.

DATES: March 10-17 (Spring Break) - youth trip
June 2-9
September 8-15
November 4-11


Picture yourself sailing across the Sea of Galilee, taking the Lord’s Supper at the empty tomb, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and having a baptismal service in the Jordan River. Join me on a trip to the Holy Land and your life will never be the same again. Everywhere we travel is very safe. We will experience God in a powerful way as we walk where Jesus walked.

More details to come!
DATES: Fall 2017


“Our family moved to Tokyo to plant His church in 2011, right after the devastating tsunami caused by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The mission started with our family (Ami, my wife, and our two young daughters, Yuka and Nanaka) living everyday life among lost people in Tokyo. We wanted to display the Gospel in tangible ways through our daily interactions. Tokyo is the largest city in the history of the world. Over 30 million people live in the Tokyo metropolis. There are countless lives but few churches. People believe and live by many stories, but none of them work. They do not give a meaning to life that is fully satisfying. Only the Gospel story works. The Gospel and Gospel community are the only hope for Tokyo.”

- Yoshito Noguchi, Pastor Soma Church

Please join us in 2017 as we travel to Japan to partner with Soma Church, Mark and Mie Busby in spreading the Gospel through park ministry, prayer walking and English classes.

DATES: Spring/Fall 2017


Willowbrook will partner with a local church to sponsor a weekend retreat at a nearby Christian center. The immigrants are invited to come to the retreat and are told up front that we will have sports, games, and activities, but also Christian teaching and worship. The refugees live in camps and are excited to get away for a few days to a nice place. Many already doubt their Muslim faith and are interested in hearing about Jesus.

DATES: June 2017


 Not Forgotten is on a mission to help abandoned, abused, and neglected children understand and believe that they are not forgotten – not by us and not by God. Not Forgotten seeks to advocate for and rehabilitate children from Iquitos, Peru who are affected by the helplessness and hopelessness of their condition. Not Forgotten invites you to join us in spreading the hope of Jesus Christ to these children, that they might find true life in Him and grow up to become agents of change in their communities.

For travel dates and cost, contact


Willowbrook has partnered with Four Corners Ministries to assist in the process of building and growing a church in a war-torn, spiritually hungry part of northern Uganda. Our team will be working with a local pastor in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, and encouragement to new believers. Four Corners Ministries mission statement is to make God’s glory known to the nations by targeting hard-to-reach people groups. Some people are hard-to-reach because they hate the message of Christ. Others are hard-to-reach because they are inconvenient and expensive to get to. We seek to accomplish the mission of God in four ways: sending, proclaiming, educating, and demonstrating.

DATES: October 2017